Valley Ridge Elementary School

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Upcoming Events

3 R's Luncheon
Date: 5/29/2015
Science Club End of Year Party
Date: 6/1/2015, 2:55 PM 3:45 PM
Kindergarten Program
Date: 6/2/2015, 9 AM 10 PM
Kindergarten End of Year Party
Date: 6/3/2015, 1 PM 2 PM
2nd grade End of Year party
Date: 6/4/2015, 8:30 AM 10 AM
Location: outside 2nd grade wing
5th grade End of Year picnic
Date: 6/4/2015, 9 AM 1 PM
Location: at LL Woods park
3rd grade End of Year party
Date: 6/4/2015, 10:30 AM 11:45 AM

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Principal Profile: Valley Ridge Elementary’s Charlotte Cauthen

Check out the profile about Valley Ridge Elementary (VRE) principal Charlotte Cauthen, who discusses her favorite thing about her job; what she enjoys doing in her spare time; and dishes some advice to someone who is interested in becoming a principal. Cauthen is in her 13th year as principal – all at VRE.

Netsmartz Tips - week of May 26

This idea of digital citizenship is gaining traction (if not in the classroom, at least on the Internet!). There are dozens of excellent resources available online that can help educators and parents integrate digital citizenship lessons into their classrooms, after school programs and homes.

1) Discover useful resources
2) Understand how critical it is to approach digital literacy through the gateway of digital citizenship.
3) Inspire others to advocate for the inclusion of digital citizenship lessons in their schools and districts.

Netsmartz Tips - week of May 18

Digital Citizenship Tips for Parents

We live in a rapidly changing media and tech world in which kids are far more plugged in digitally than parents and teachers are, and these technologies present huge challenges for our kids and how they grow up. Digital dramas can have a lasting effect on a teen’s life. But parents and educators can make a real impact on the future of teens growing up in a digital world. Help teens help themselves.

The Internet’s not written in pencil. It’s written in pen. What teens do online spreads fast and lasts long. Remind them to think before they post.

Nothing is as private as they think. Anything teens say or do can be copied, pasted, and
sent to gazillions of people in a heartbeat. Make sure kids use privacy settings and that they understand that the best way to protect their secrets is not to post personal stuff.

Kindness counts. The anonymity of the digital world can lead kids to say and do things online that they wouldn’t in person. Encourage them to communicate kindly, stand up for others, and build positive online relationships rooted in respect.

Digital cheating is still cheating. Right and wrong extend to online and mobile life. Impart your values, and tell kids not to plagiarize, download illegally, or use technology to cheat in school.

Embrace their world. None of us wants technology to isolate us from our kids. Do some homework, and ask kids to share the sites they visit, the songs they download, the gadgets they love. It’s up to us to join the fun and help them seize the potential.

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